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Requirements for Accessible On-Street Parking

cars parked along a road in a small town

Requirements for accessible on-street parking apply only to certain designated public sector organizations, like municipalities, school boards, hospitals, colleges, universities and public transportation organizations.

When building new or making planned significant alterations to existing on-street parking spaces, designated public sector organizations must consult with the public and people with disabilities on the following:

  • Need for accessible on-street parking spaces
  • Location of accessible on-street parking spaces, and
  • Design of accessible on-street parking spaces

Municipalities must also consult with their accessibility advisory committee, if one has been established.

For this section of the standard only (on-street parking requirements), “designated public sector organizations” refers to every municipality and those organizations listed in Schedule 1 of the IASR which includes hospitals, universities, colleges of applied arts and technology, district school boards, and organizations that provide public transportation. It does not include persons or organizations listed in Column 1 of Table 1 of Ontario Regulation 146/10 (Public Bodies and Commission Public Bodies – Definitions), of the Public Service of Ontario Act, 2006.