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Requirements for Accessible Off-Street Parking

cars parked along a road in a small town

Requirements for accessible off-street parking apply to all organizations.

When building new or making planned significant alterations to existing off-street parking facilities, certain technical requirements must be followed. For example:

  • Off-street parking facilities must include two types of accessible parking spaces when two or more accessible spaces are required:
    • a wider space with signage that identifies the space as “van accessible”, and
    • a standard-width space
  • Off-street parking facilities must include a minimum number of each type of accessible parking space, depending on the total number of parking spaces, as outlined in the standard. For example, where there are 1 to 12 parking spaces, the one accessible parking space required must be a wider space; where there are 13 to 100 parking spaces, four per cent must be accessible spaces, with generally equal numbers of wider spaces and standard spaces.
  • Accessible parking spaces must have access aisles (a space between parking spaces) with a minimum width that provides people with disabilities the space to get in and out of their vehicles.
  • Each accessible parking space must be identified with current signage requirements found in Regulation 581 (Accessible Parking for Persons with Disabilities) under the Highway Traffic Act.