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Outdoor Play Spaces

childrens playground with sign showing sign language

Accessible outdoor play spaces can provide play opportunities for all children and their caregivers regardless of their abilities.

The requirements apply to outdoor play spaces containing:

  • Play equipment, such as swings, and/or
  • Play features such as logs, rocks, sand or water

All organizations except small organizations must meet the following requirements when building new or making planned significant alterations to existing outdoor play spaces.

Consultation requirements

To help organizations identify the needs of all users of outdoor play spaces in the local community:

  • Organizations must consult with the public and people with disabilities.
  • Municipalities must also consult with their municipal accessibility advisory committee, where one has been established.

Accessibility in design requirements

The requirements also specify that organizations must:

  • Incorporate accessible play space features for children and their caregivers with various disabilities, such as sensory components that promote active play experiences. For example, sensory play experiences can include sand or water play, or a sound or music panel.
  • Make sure there is enough room for children and their caregivers with various disabilities to move through, in and around the play space, and
  • Make sure the ground surface is firm, stable and able to absorb the shock of a fall to help prevent injuries.
Refers to a private or not-for-profit organization that provides goods, services or facilities to the public or to other organizations and has one to 49 employees in Ontario. It does not include the Government of Ontario, Legislative Assembly, or designated public sector organizations.