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How the Standard Relates to Other Requirements of the IASR

It’s important to remember that the General Requirements section of the regulation includes requirements that may be relevant to the Design of Public Spaces Standard. For example:

  • All organizations with accessibility plan requirements must make sure that their multi-year accessibility plan outlines how their requirements under the regulation (including the Design of Public Spaces Standard) will be met.
  • Designated public sector organizations are required, except where not practicable to do so, to "incorporate accessibility design, criteria and features when procuring or acquiring goods, services or facilities", which may be relevant to the accessibility features of public spaces such as outdoor play spaces or outdoor public use eating areas.
Refers to a private or not-for-profit organization that provides goods, services or facilities to the public or to other organizations and has one to 49 employees in Ontario. It does not include the Government of Ontario, Legislative Assembly, or designated public sector organizations.