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Accessible Parking

This section of the standard includes requirements for both public off-street and on-street accessible parking spaces when building new or making planned significant alterations to existing parking spaces.

Select the headings below for information about what this requirement applies to:

What is off-street parking?

Off-street parking includes open and covered lots for short term parking by the public, such as a hair salon’s customer parking lot or an underground parking garage at a shopping centre.

People may or may not need to pay to use off-street parking facilities.

What is on-street parking?

On-street parking can be located on a public highway, street, avenue, parkway, bridge or similar type of road.

Public sector organizations, such as municipalities, hospitals, universities and colleges, may own and maintain on-street parking spaces. On-street parking may provide direct access to shops, offices and other facilities.

People may or may not need to pay to use on-street parking.