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Installing the training modules on your Learning Management System


  • Permission to download the modules is not required.
  • Permission to customize the content to your organization's needs is not required.
  • If the content is customized, it must remain in context and include an acknowledgement of the source, for example: "Adapted from the AccessForward Employment Standard training module, produced by Curriculum Services Canada, 2012."
  • Curriculum Services Canada is not responsible for content that is revised.
  • The modules are to be used strictly for your organization's internal training purposes and cannot be used for commercial gain.

The steps to install the modules on your LMS:

Test your system

Refer to the documentation for your LMS to see which versions of SCORM are compatible with it. We are providing SCORM 2004 (3rd edition) and SCORM 1.2 for download.

Download and install the modules

  1. From the left column of this page, select and download the desired version of the SCORM package for each module to your desktop. You may choose to download all modules in one package.
  2. Refer to the documentation for your LMS for steps on properly installing the modules.
  3. After the modules are successfully installed, depending on the type of LMS you have, you might be able to edit the name and description of the modules and modify settings, including how you want to track who has completed the training.
    Note: It could take several minutes to upload.


Your LMS must be SCORM 2004 (3rd edition) or SCORM 1.2-compliant in order for the packages on this site to work on it. If you're unsure if your LMS will support one of these two versions, have your IT department refer to the documentation for your LMS.