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The Training Requirement

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The regulation may influence how your organization operates; therefore, it’s important for people in your organization to be aware of the requirements and the importance of accessibility. This is why training is a requirement.

Organizations must provide training on the requirements of the regulation as it relates to a person’s duties – and on the Ontario Human Rights Code as it relates to people with disabilities.

Training must be provided to:

  • All existing and new employees and volunteers
  • People who participate in developing your organization’s policies
  • Other people who provide goods, services, or facilities on behalf of your organization

For example, training as it relates to a person's duties means a public relations officer of a municipal transit system may need training on the Transportation Standard, whereas an administrative assistant may not. Similarly, a human resources professional or manager may need training on the Employment Standard, while this may not be necessary for a security guard or accountant.

Organizations are also required to provide training when the organization’s accessibility policies change.

All organizations except small organizations must keep a record of the training provided, including the dates the training took place and the number of individuals trained.

When do you need to comply?

Organization Type Compliance By
Government of Ontario and Legislative AssemblyJanuary 1, 2013
Large designated public sector organizationsJanuary 1, 2014
Small designated public sector organizations and Large organizationsJanuary 1, 2015
Small organizations (1 to 49 employees)January 1, 2016
The Ontario Human Rights Code (the "Code") is a provincial law that gives everybody equal rights and opportunities without discrimination in specific areas such as jobs, housing and services. The Code's goal is to prevent discrimination and harassment.
Refers to a private or not-for-profit organization that provides goods, services or facilities to the public or to other organizations and has one to 49 employees in Ontario. It does not include the Government of Ontario, Legislative Assembly, or designated public sector organizations.