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People Who Use Assistive Devices

Lady with a walker

An assistive device is a piece of equipment a person with a disability uses to help with daily living.

Most assistive devices are “personal assistive devices,” such as a wheelchair or walker, white cane, hearing aid, oxygen tank or communication board. They belong to the person using them and are part of their personal space.

Used as a way of communicating to supplement or replace spoken language. The board may be manual or electronic, and usually contains a combination of letters of the alphabet, common words or phrases and pictures of common items or actions. For example, using a manual board, an individual will point to the letters to spell words or to a picture to express themselves.

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Tips for serving a customer with a personal assistive device:

  • Don’t touch or handle any assistive device without permission.
  • Don’t move assistive devices or equipment (such as canes or walkers) out of the person’s reach.